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Weekend Masala: Top 5 desi female comedians to make you go ROFL!


New Delhi: The deadly novel coronavirus pandemic might have put a stop board on various outdoor activities but one should never really miss out on laughing loud from the inside, right? So, to lift your spirits on a weekend, let’s just take a look at the top 5 desi female comedians who are sassy and funny at the same time:

Our very own Pushpavalli has truly contributed to changing the stand-up comedy culture in the country. From giving live performances to acting and writing, Sumukhi has done it all. Along with her bubbly and happy-go-lucky vibe, Sumukhi’s thoughtfulness about current scenarios while finding the funny side to them is what you’ll find the most attractive thing about her while watching her shows. She unabashedly takes down those who troll her on topics like body shaming. 

She may be only 24, but Urooj Ashfaq can easily be called as one of the most sought-after young talents amongst the new generation of comedians. A Mumbai-based writer and comedian, she usually cracks jokes that are highly relatable with her acts revolving around relevant social topics like religion, dating and current issues. She is one of those comedians who is not just funny on stage but has a social media account that will see you break into uncontrollable laughter in no time. Some of her must-watch shows include Casual relationship and Uber driver & Grandmother that’ll give you the perfect ROFL moment.

Starting her career as a market researcher to now being a Mazak-maker, Aishwarya has sure come a long way. Also, a writer for some great shows like Son of Abhish, On Air with AIB, and many more, Aishwarya is truly an all-rounder in the comedy front. Her straight-faced humour with unique sass never fails to bring a rib-tickling experience for her audience. One of her must-watch show is My first relationship which in the short span of 2 months has raked in more than 4 million views.

Also known as the Indian Ellen DeGeneres, Neeti Palta is known to bring the much-needed woman perspective to the entire comedy scene in India. This ‘Dilli ki Pataka’ proves that there is no shortage of funny females in town thanks to her hilarious one-liners, desi and original jokes that are as relatable as they can get. Her confidence and witty style of humour, driven from her personal experiences, is what makes her one to look out for! 

Another one from Comicstaan, Shreeja, with her uncanny humour and sarcasm that’s always on point, has time and again proven that she is one to watch out for. Shreeja’s USP is her cute, clean-cut jokes that make one feel like they are interacting with their friend. She is a soft-spoken comic with hard-hitting punch-lines who humour is inspired by day to day activities for she has the gift of getting the jollies out of the ordinary.




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