Uttarakhand Cop Rapes 11-year-old girl inside toilet of government quarters; arrested

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11- Year-Old Girl Raped By Cop IN UTTRAKHAND

An assistant sub-inspector deployed in Uttarakhand was sent to jail for allegedly raping an 11-year-old girl.

Dehradun: An 11-year-old girl was allegedly raped by an assistant sub-inspector in Dehradun on Sunday. The accused allegedly raped the girl inside the washroom of the government quarters located in Dehradun. 

The 11-year-old girl’s father is visually impaired while her mother has a differently-abled hand. The accused, identified as Sanjiv Jagudi, was deployed at the Uttarakhand Police’s 112 emergency helpline centre located in Dehradun. 

The 11-year-old girl’s mother approached the police after she learned about her daughter’s plight and lodged a complaint. Sekhar Chand Suyal, circle officer (city) said that the 11-year-old girl’s family and the accused live in the same complex of the quarters.

Accused locked survivor in washroom 

On Sunday afternoon, the 11-year-old girl went to the toilet but did not return even after a long time. The girl’s mother then went to look for her. The 11-year-old girl’s mother called out to her several times but there was no answer. The woman noticed that the door had been locked from the inside. 

All of a sudden, Jugadi opened the door and fled from the spot. When the 11-year-old girl’s mother entered the toilet, she noticed that she was lying in an unconscious state, Hindustan Times reported. Following this, the survivor’s mother took her back home and informed the neighbours. 

One of the neighbours informed the police about the incident and the survivor were taken to a hospital. The police booked Jugadi and formed a team to arrest him. The assistant sub-inspector was nabbed on Monday and was presented before a court that sent him to jail. 

Suyal added, “A departmental action would soon be taken against him by the police headquarters also. As far as the girl is concerned, she is at present in a stable condition at her home.”


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