Top Delhi University Women Colleges, & Course-Wise Cut Off 2020

Top Delhi University Women Colleges, & Course-Wise Cut Off
Top Delhi University Women Colleges, & Course-Wise Cut Off

From a chief economic counsellor of International Monetary Fund to a Nobel prize winner, the Delhi University women colleges have given us all of them. Over a period of time, Delhi University women colleges have produced some of the brilliant minds and finest artists who have helped in shaping the entire world community. Unlike fascinating (as it sounds), it is quite challenging to grab a seat in these women colleges. A limited number of seats, higher cut off marks and numerous applications make it even more difficult to land with an admission offer.

If we look at the registration data, it reflects that a lot of girl students aspire to pursue their higher education from Delhi University women colleges after completing their senior secondary education. Going by the official figures, more girls register in DU colleges than boys. As per last year’s DU registration data, 1,29,753 girls applied for admission to DU in comparison with 1,28,634 boys. This means that 1119 more girls registered for DU admissions last year than boys.

Now, there would be quite a good number of girl applicants for DU this year too. Among all the 91 DU colleges, most of them are co-ed. However, do you know that there are DU colleges exclusively for girls? Yes, 22 colleges offer admission to girl students only or in other words, DU has 22 women colleges. And if you are one of those girl students for whom the top colleges would matter a lot out of the total 22 women colleges, then we have the list ready for you.

Top DU Colleges

As per the Ministry of Education’s National Institutional Research Framework (NIRF) Ranking, Miranda House College and Lady Shri Ram College have secured the first two positions not only among the DU colleges but as the top colleges across the country as well. Another aspect that makes some of the colleges of DU as top women colleges are the cut off which goes too high for many programmes.

DU cut-offs are prepared with the help of the best of four calculations of Delhi University, taking into account the marks scored in the class 12th examinations. The unprecedented result of class 12th students hints for a higher cut-off score this year.

Previous year cut-offs

Last year, the second-highest cut off score of DU (98.75%) was pegged by Lady Shri Ram College for BA Hons. Psychology and BA programme. In 2018, the highest cut off score was 98.75 % which was pegged by Lady Shri Ram College for the BA programme.

Women aspirants of Delhi University can check the previous year cut-offs of the top DU women colleges to know their chances of securing a seat in their desired programmes. Following are the previous year category wise cut-offs of some top women colleges of Delhi University to make students familiar with the qualifying marks for some of the best DU courses.

Miranda House Cut Off

B.A Hons. Economics94.594.590.2586
B.A Hons. English97.593.2590.2592.5
B.A Hons. Geography96.593.593.2592.75
B.A Hons. Philosophy89.588.7587.588.75
B.A Hons. Political Science98969494
B.A Hons. History979593.7594.25

Lady Shri Ram College Cut Off

BA Hons. Economics989591.589
BA Programme (Economics + Political Science)98.7595.759392.5
BA Hons. English97.59290.7591
BA Hons. Philosophy8984.7585
BA Hons Sociology9793.590.2591.75
BA Hons Political Science989694.595.25
B.Com Hons97.594.59183
B.Sc Hons.Mathematics96.2593.58887
B.A Hons.Psychology98.759694.595
B.A Hons. History9792.759292.25

Gargi College Cut Off

B. A. (Hons.) Economics95.75908583
B. A. (Hons.) English9589.258986
B. Com (Hons.)95.2590.758167
B. Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics94.7591.58272
B. Sc. (Hons.) Zoology90.33817875

Daulat Ram College Cut Off

B.A Hons. Economics95.7592.586.2582.5
B.A Hons. English94.75908683
B.Com Hons.96928272
B.A Hons. Philosophy9082.58080
B.A Hons.Psychology96.59190.589.5
B.A Hons. Political Science95939189
B.A Hons. History93.759087.587.5

Lady Irwin College Cut Off

B.Sc Hons. Food Technology93.5867869
B.Sc Hons. Home Science84747059
B.Sc Pass Home Science82726454

Maitreyi College Cut Off

B.A Hons. Economics95908078
B.A Hons. English93.587.584.584.5
B.A Hons. Sociology91.5817979
B.A Hons. Political Science93.587.58683.5
B.Com Hons.94.7590.58977
B.A Hons. History91.75848081

Indraprastha College for Women Cut Off

B.A Hons. Economics9690.58176.5
B.A Hons. English94.58784.7586.25
B.A Hons. Sociology94.758685.587.75
B.A Hons. Political Science959188.589.25
B.Com Hons.9587.57675
B.A Hons. History93.5898687

Kamala Nehru College Cut Off

B.A Hons. Economics95.25887981
B.A Hons. English93.2586.58585
B.A Hons. Sociology90.7581.58081
B.A Hons. Political Science91.7586.584.583
B.Com Hons.94.7587.58080
B.A Hons. History91.25858183.75

The Delhi University will release five cut off lists and one special cut off for admissions to undergraduate programmes this year. The document verification process will take place in the online mode, once the approval has been done, the students need to select the desired college and program, upload the scanned documents and pay the admission fee.


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