Shruti Haasan Reveals Why She Does Not Want To Work In a Film With Her Family

Shruti Haasan


Actress Shruti Haasan says that working with her family in a film will not necessarily make it a great film.

Shruti is the daughter of veteran actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika. Her sister Akshara is an actress, too. She says she has not thought of working with all of them together.

“I tell you why because that doesn’t determine that it will make a great film. Everybody from the same family. That’s absolutely not what’s going to determine that at all,” Shruti told IANS.

The actress believes that a “great film is that a film chooses to be great and the people working on it”

She added: “I think films have a life of their own, which is really wonderful and then we kind of become a conduit to the energy and destiny of the film, and that can be with anybody. I don’t necessarily think that it would be with my family.”

Shruti was recently seen in the digitally-released film, Yaara, which also stars Vidyut Jammwal, Kenny Basumatary, Vijay Varma and Amit Sadh.

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