Shaheenbagh protesters join BJP, join party and say these things for PM Modi

Shaheenbagh protesters join BJP,

Many people of Shaheenbagh joined BJP, including Secretary and Social Activist Shahzad Ali Dr. Mehreen and AAP worker Tabassum Hussain of National Ulema Council Delhi.

Shaheenbagh protesters join BJP, join party and say these things for PM Modi

New Delhi, State Bureau. Protesters in Shaheenbagh have been disillusioned with this movement in the name of protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Citizenship Register (NCR). Several people living in Shaheenbagh joined the BJP, including Secretary of National Ulema Council Delhi and social activist Shahzad Ali, Dr. Mehreen and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) activist Tabassum Hussain.

Welcome to the party

The party’s national vice president and state in-charge Shyam Jaju and state president Adesh Gupta welcomed them all at the event held in Delhi BJP office. It is to be known that the protest started in Shaheenbagh from December 15 last year, which caused millions of people of Delhi-NCR to suffer. This became a big issue in the assembly elections. On March 24, protesters were removed by police due to the Corona epidemic. Later too some people tried to start the demonstration again, but did not succeed. At the same time, people involved in the protest are accusing the Congress, Aam Aadmi Party and other parties of misleading people.

Shahzad Ali said, political parties have misled people on CAA and NCR for their own benefit. People were pitched against the BJP. The central government is working on the development of everyone as a basis. Influenced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies, he is joining BJP. Jaju said that by adding every class and community in one formula, the Modi government has given a new momentum to the development of the country.

At the same time, Adesh Gupta said that people of all religions have faith in the Modi government. The public welfare schemes of the central government are not focused on any religion or caste. Everyone gets benefits of these schemes. The program was coordinated by BJP leader Nighat Abbas. Media chief Ashok Goyal Devraha and Delhi BJP Minority Front President Muhammad Harun were present on the occasion.

Shaheenbagh protesters join BJP, join party and say these things for PM Modi


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