PM Modi Adresses ‘Conclave on Transformational Reforms In Higher Education under National Education Policy: Top 5 Quotes



'New Education Policy Focuses On 'How To Think'': PM's Top 5 Quotes

PM Modi today made several remarks on the National Education Policy.

New Delhi:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today delivered the inaugural address at the “Conclave on Transformational Reforms in Higher Education” under the National Education Policy (NEP). The conclave was organised by the Human Resource Development Ministry and the University Grants Commission. The NEP, approved by the cabinet at a meeting presided by PM Modi, replaces the 34-year-old National Policy on Education and is aimed at paving the way for transformational reforms in school and higher education systems.

Here are the top five quotes from PM Modi’s address:

  1. “It’s heartening that the National Educational Policy hasn’t raised concerns of bias”. 

  2. “The NEP will lay the foundation of a new India… an India of the 21st Century. Under this policy, when today’s students will join tomorrow’s workplaces, it will help India grow and take the lead in many areas. It will prepare students for the future and with skills and knowledge that will be needed for the 21st Century.”

  3. “These days, the education system focusses on ‘What to Think’…. this policy will focus on ‘How to Think’.”

  4. “If the medium of learning is the same as mother tongue, it increases the pace of learning.” 

  5. “From roots to the world, humans to humanity, past to modernity, this policy covers all”. 



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