Nutritionist Gives 4 Tips To Get Freedom From Unhealthy Lifestyle

4 Tips To Get Freedom From Unhealthy Lifestyle

Indian Independence Day: Today, India celebrates 74 glorious years of independence. It indeed marks a grandeur of growth, excellence, and heightened achievements. But, if we talk on an individual level taking into account the healthcare, a lot has to be learned and a lot needs to be imbibed in order to break free from an unhealthy lifestyle. So, why not also observe this day to seek and take actions against an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle and begin a journey towards sustainable health goals.

1. Start planning your meals

Planning meals in advance can help you save on time and energy while letting you enjoy healthy meals. Advance meal planning also means less wastage and it can help you make a variety of food choices instead of being stuck with a mundane dietary routine. It will also make you steer clear of repeated grocery visits and you can stock your pantry with healthy foods in one go. Often variety is the key to a sustainable meal plan and with advance planning, you can mix so many flavors with very little scope of trial and error. Start with planning meals for a day or two in advance and then you can gradually move to planning meals a week ahead.

2. Make way for natural superfoods

Packaged vitamins, herbs, blends, or powders sitting on top of fancy grocery shelves or your favorite e-com website might look too promising to promote health but you should know that not all good things come in a label. A basic kitchen with day-to-day spices or herbs is actually loaded with natural superfoods that contain concentrated doses of antioxidants or phytonutrients. Like curcumin found in turmeric or allicin found in garlic or cinnamaldehyde found in cinnamon or piperine in black pepper- these antioxidants fight off free radicals and readily support your immune system. Add these spices to your vegetable preparations, soups, stews, salads or you can make a concoction.


This Independence Day, make way for natural superfoods like turmeric and ginger in your diet
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3. Ditch sugar for good

It might sound common but can be fairly difficult for many especially those who claim to have a sweet tooth. And the reason is- sugar consumption can be addictive- the more you consume it, the more your brain will trick you into having it, making it an unbreakable vicious cycle. Refined sugar plays havoc with your blood sugar, affects your immune system, accelerates aging, and serves as a potential risk factor for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Ditching sugar can be one single good practice that will lead to substantial health results.

4. Learn the art of substituting

Having unhealthy food favorites is not uncommon and somewhere we all give in to our cravings- gulping down sugar-laden desserts or sipping on extra creamy coffee- we all have done it. But, you don’t need to go completely cold turkey in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, you just need to learn the art of healthy substituting and then you might have to never cut off your favorite foods. Substitute refined sugar with dates, figs, jaggery, or natural fruits. Substitute mayonnaise with hung curd. Substitute sugary ice-creams with mango or banana mousse. Substitute refined flour with oats, ragi, or bajra flour. The choices are plenty and so are the options. This is one trick worthy enough to master so that deficit of your favorite food does not lead to uncontrolled cravings.

So, this Independence Day- pledge for a lifelong relationship of feeling healthier and happier while breaking free from the detrimental health practices.


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