Noise Cancellation, Filters, Reactions; Know All About It



New Delhi: Video conferencing application Zoom has launched a set of new features for its users. ALSO READ | Twitter, Facebook Act Against Donald Trump! Remove Video Over False Claim On Covid-19

These features include lighting, reactions, noise cancellation filters and more control on presentations.

The filters will have users put on a virtual moustache, grow unicorn horns, or wear a pirate eye patch to have fun while on the platform and be able to share these candid moments during the video call.

“Zoom filters, reactions, improved lighting capabilities, and enhanced noise suppression make sure that wherever and however one meets, it’s more fun with Zoom,” the company said in a statement.

User can also set colour filters like black and white to create a different effect for the screen.

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Furthermore, users will be able to see an enhanced effect when it comes adjusting the lighting on the screen and enabling skin smoothening.

A new feature that has been introduced will help users in eliminating ambience sounds/background sounds while on video call for better communication.

They also can try different audio preferences between low to high noise suppression to give them clear audio.

There’s also a new reaction button that will let people share their reactions for the moment.

Zoom 5.2 update has brought these new featured. However, in case one doesn’t want them, they can disable meeting filters at the level of account, group, and user in Zoom’s web application.



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