Mia Khalifa Asks Fans To Donate For People Of Beirut, Demands Resignation Of ‘Incompetent’ Political Leaders

Mia Khalifa Asks Fans To Donate For People Of Beirut, Demands Resignation Of 'Incompetent' Political Leaders


New Delhi: Lebanese-born TV commentator Mia Khalifa expressed shock after two huge explosions rocked the capital city of Beirut. Atleast 100 people were killed and 4,000 injured in the massive blasts that have caused enormous damage to the city, the Lebanese Red Cross was quoted as saying by IANS. Mia took to social media to make an emotional appeal to the celebrities and fans. She requested everyone to donate for the people of Beirut in the wake of the devastating blast.

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The 27-year-old blasted the government and accused it of failing to protect the people of Lebanon in a post on her Instagram story. She got emotional and broke down into tears while offering prayers for the bereaved families and injured.

Mia, who was born in Beirut, called for a revolution in the country and said that this was the only possible way to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon. She called out the ‘incompetent’ political leaders of her native country on Twitter and asked them to resign.

Taking potshots at the government, she wrote, “Give Lebanon back to the people. Every single political leader has to ****** resign. Or they need to be overthrown because this is no way for people to live.”

The former adult film star slammed Hezbollah, Shia Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon, and alleged that the blasts didn’t happen because of fireworks.

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“Not Hezbollah lying to the Lebanese people about hiding explosives on our soil, saying this blast was caused by FIREWORKS. Fireworks?! Let me say this once and say it clearly: You are a disgrace and the Lebanese people deserve better,” Mia wrote while sharing a video of the explosion.

Mia Khalifa also shared a video of a 29-year-old Lebanese bride, who was shooting for her bridal photo-shoot when the massive explosion jolted Beirut. The video captured the moment when the blasts tore through the city.

Mia wrote, “My heart weeps for this woman, on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. A haunting juxtaposition of the soul and beauty of Lebanon and its’s people shattered in a split second. Watch this over and over again until you’re sickened by the lack of action being taken. “

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