Mawa Cake: This DIY moist and easy cake recipe should be next on your list to try out

easy cake recipe
easy cake recipe

Craving something sweet? Try this mouthwatering recipe of mawa cake by Rahul Chahar to make your weekend special.

Mawa Cake easy cake recipe

Do desserts make you go weak in your knees? It is like icing on a cake that makes the dish even more delicious. There is no denying that sugary delights give a perfect end to any meal and desserts are a staple for Indians. Whether it is in the form of an offering, or any occasion, or a simple dessert after a meal – we have a penchant for sweets. 

No festival or occasion is complete without desserts, which is why we bring to you another delicious recipe that will definitely tantalize your taste buds. Made with melt-in-your-mouth mawa, also known as khoya, this cake is a delicate mix of cream, sugar, gulkand, covered in the goodness of rabri and more. Drooling yet? If yes, keep scrolling to find the tempting mawa recipe right below.  

Mawa Cake by Rahul Chahar (Pastry Chef – Vivanta New Delhi, Dwarka)


Butter – 500gms 

Sugar – 600gms 

Egg yolk – 215gms 

Cardamom powder – 5gms 

Flour – 450gms 

Almond powder – 250gms 

Salt – 1gm

Vanilla essence – 10ml

Mawa – 250gms 

Heavy cream – 215gms 

Yoghurt – 215gms 

Baking soda – 5gms 

Baking powder – 5gms 

Gulkand – 100gms 

Rabri – 50gms 

Dry rose petals – 20gms 


1- Mix flour, baking powder, soda, soft butter, castor sugar on slow speed.

2- Gradually add cream and curd, mix for 2-3 minutes on slow speed.

3- Add yolks and mix gently.

4- Finally, add Mawa. 

5- Fill in baking moulds and bake at 170C for 25-30 minutes.


1- Cover with Rabri.

2- Garnish with seasonal fruits and serve warm.


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