In Bengaluru, 200 Babies Born To Covid Positive Women, All Test Negative

In Bengaluru, 200 Babies Born To Covid Positive Women, All Test Negative


In Bengaluru, 200 Babies Born To Covid Positive Women, All Test Negative

Bengaluru has over 75,000 COVID-19 cases so far


Amid the worrying increase in Covid cases in Bengaluru, some cheerful news emerged from the Victoria and Vani Vilas Hospital on Tuesday.

The state-run hospital celebrated a remarkable landmark – 200 babies born to COVID-19-positive mothers. All 200 babies are healthy and have tested negative for the virus.

“This is the only COVID-19 facility for pregnant women. We have so far delivered 200 babies. This is a milestone for us. In the midst of this pandemic I can understand the turmoil pregnant women go through. I would like to thank my staff,” DR CR Jayanti, the Director and Dean of the hospital, said.

Dr Jayanti pointed out that extra credit was due to the doctors because delivering a baby while wearing a PPE is “no mean feat”. “We wish all the babies a safe and successful future,” she added.

Dr K Sudhakar, Karnataka’s Medical Education Minister, praised staff at the hospital for having performed “a great human service”.

“I acknowledge the OB/GYN doctors. I have always told them to be more confident, committed and passionate. Private hospital doctors were afraid and were turning away patients. In this scenario, our government hospitals stepped up and have done a great human service,” he said.

“At a time when private hospitals are not entertaining deliveries of even pregnant women who are Covid-negative, we are privileged to have an institution like Victoria Hospital, Vani Vilas,” Dr K Sudhakar told NDTV.

“Almost 200 children have been delivered – all to Covid-positive mothers. All the children are healthy and Covid-negative,” the minister added.

Karnataka has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases in recent days and weeks.

As of Tuesday evening, the state had over 1.82 lakh cases, of which more than 3,300 were deaths linked to the virus and nearly 80,000 were active cases.

Capital city Bengaluru alone has seen more than 75,000 people test positive for the novel coronavirus.

This morning the Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister represented the state in a video conference with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the chief ministers of nine others, all of which are among the worst affected in the country.

The Prime Minister urged the states to scale up contact tracing and aim to identify and isolate individuals within 72 hours of a new case being reported. “A view has emerged that if we defeat coronavirus in 10 states, the nation will also win,” PM Modi said during the meeting.



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