Do you hate Spinach? Here are the 6 Ways to Use Spinach in your Meal

6 Ways to Use Spinach in your Meal
6 Ways to Use Spinach in your Meal

Remember when we were tempted each time to eat spinach when Popeye The Sailor Man crushed open a can of Spinach and grew stronger after gulping it down? However, most of us don’t like Spinach. Here are the 6 mouth-watering ways you can cook Spinach that one can’t resist.

6 Ways to Use Spinach in your Meal

Let’s  be honest, we all hated spinach as a child and most of us still do. However, it is a delightful ingredient to cook with as it’s full of flavour and nutrients. Apart from numerous health benefits, it also adds colour to your plate.

Spinach Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

With the dash of culinary modernization, this article unveils a brand-new world of delectable delicacies that are Spinach-focused and will tantalise your taste buds. Here are the 6 recipes you should try right away.
1. Crispy Spinach
Made with deep fried finely shredded spinach, this is a crunchy spinach appetizer that has a smoky flavour. With an interesting twist, this leafy goodness is perked up with a blend of red chili, garlic and sesame seeds. 

2. Spinach Pancake
Made with lip-smacking cheese and vegetable filling, this is a nutritious savory packed with ample of iron element. Made with whole wheat, this is healthy and tasty answer to all your pancake cravings.

3. Spinach Ravioli
Made with scrumptious cheese, creamy spinach and garlicky parmesan alfredo sauce, this is a quick and easy dish that brings out a fresh wave of jazziness. To make it healthier, throw some finely chopped vegetables in the sauce.

4. Spinach Soup
Be it chilly winters or cold monsoons, a piping-hot and steamy bowl of soup is the best. Embedded with nutrients and low calories, this soup is a healthy choice for every soup lover. 

5. Palak Paneer
Cooked with cottage cheese in a pool of smooth and creamy Spinach gravy, this is one of the most loved dishes in northern part of the country. With a dollop ghee on top, this gravy can be paired with naan, roti or basmati rice.

6. Spinach Smoothie
Made with whipped Spinach, this smoothie is boosted with energy and healthy nutrients. Packed with the goodness of fruits and vegetables like apples, pineapples and bananas, this smoothie has a great combination of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals in every sip.


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