Delhi Discoms Offer New “Green” ACs, Fans To Consumers At Heavy Discount



Delhi Discoms Offer New 'Green' ACs, Fans To Consumers At Heavy Discount

BSES discoms are offering a discount on energy saving ACs and fans to consumers. (Representational)

New Delhi:

In India, nothing works like a good discount and so goes for the adoption of cleaner technologies, which are often more expensive. With this in mind, Delhi’s power distribution companies have started an exchange scheme, wherein all its consumers can replace their old fans and ACs and get new energy-saving ones for a substantial discount, a BSES spokesperson said.

The switch would help consumers reduce their electricity bills without cutting consumption.

“A consumer can save up to 1,000 units annually on the running costs of an AC, depending on the model and type of the AC under the scheme,” the spokesperson said, adding that typically, the cooling load is around 50 per cent of a consumer’s bill.

Under the time-bound scheme, consumers in south, west, east and central Delhi can exchange their old ACs for new, energy-efficient five-star rated ACs – indicative of their energy saving potential – at a substantial discount of up to 64 per cent.

The BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) has also launched a fan replacement scheme, wherein consumers can replace old fans with energy-saving ones at discount up to 67 per cent.

“A similar scheme may also be launched for BYPL consumers of east and central Delhi,” he said.

The discoms – BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) and the BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) – have been pushing for energy conservation by promoting safer and more sustainable technologies, the spokesperson said.

“The consumers can avail the schemes by calling on the helpline numbers or visiting websites of the discoms. Each consumer is eligible to replace up to three ACs and fans under the limited period scheme,” he said.

Last year, Delhi’s electricity demand touched an all-time high of 7,241 megawatt (MW) – the highest peak power demand recorded in any Indian city.

Delhi’s peak power demand is more than thrice of that of Kolkata and is also more than the power demand of both Mumbai and Chennai put together.

Running of air conditioners, coolers and fans is the main reason behind the increase in power demand in the national capital, according to experts.

BSES and other companies have invested heavily over the years to build the necessary infrastructure for providing electricity to consumers around the city with minimal losses of power.



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