Coast Guard rescues 16 fishermen caught in rough sea | India News

Coast Guard rescues 16 fishermen caught in rough sea


New Delhi: A Thane registered fishing boat named Dev Sandesh with 16 fishermen on board was reported to be in distress about 70 km west of Arnala coast, Thane in Maharashtra. The boat was caught up in rough to very rough sea conditions and very high-speed winds prevailing at sea. 

The distress message of the stranded and distressed fishing boat was relayed to Coast Guard Mumbai Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) by Yellow Gate Police Station on August 4 evening.

The MRCC, Mumbai swung into action and after ascertaining the exact location of the distressed fishing boat at sea, activated the International Safety Net and continuously relayed the message on the broadcast for all the ships in the area specially the transiting ships to render assistance to the boat in distress.

In the meantime, MRCC successfully identified an Offshore Supply Vessel Greatship Asmi in the vicinity of the distressed fishing boat while tracking the traffic at sea and diverted her for the rescue operation.

The distressed boat was taking water onboard due to flooding owing to long swell and rough weather. Since the situation at sea was worsening due to prevailing rough weather conditions and high-speed winds, OSV Greatship Asmi was directed to keep a strict vigil.

The Coast Guard coordinated with another offshore support vessel Colonel SP Wahi in the vicinity and directed her to pick up all the distressed fishermen from the stranded fishing boat and rescue them safely onboard the ship.

After six hours of continuous effort facing the rough sea, the 16 crew were rescued and taken on board. All the rescued fishermen are safe and will arrive at Mumbai around 1430 hrs today.



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