Aurus Escort Electric Motorcycle Revealed In Russia

Aurus Escort Electric Motorcycle
Aurus Escort Electric Motorcycle

The Aurus Escort is an electric motorcycle developed as part of Vladimir Putin’s fleet of vehicles.

Aurus Escort Electric Motorcycle

The Aurus Escort electric motorcycle is set to be the new escort motorcycle for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s motorcade, according to latest reports. The motorcycle, called just ‘Escort’, will be the first vehicle to go fully-electric under the Aurus name.

Other vehicles in the Aurus line-up include a limousine, a van, and a SUV. The state-backed luxury carmaker produces several special armoured variants of its vehicles for President Putin. The Aurus Escort electric motorcycle is expected to make it to production only by 2022, and so far, only a few images have been released.


On the latest patent images, an electric touring motorcycle is shown, with a big windscreen and hard case panniers. No particular name or badge appears on the drawings of the motorcycle, and only the designation “Escort” is mentioned. So, it’s pretty much likely to be an escort motorcycle for the cavalcade of vehicles. Rest of the details are scarce, and what we do know is that the electric motor is good for 112 kW (150 bhp) with a top speed rated at 240 kmph.

The images show a bulky touring motorcycle with a tall, adjustable windshield. The electric motor is housed in an aluminium frame, and the rear swingarm also seems to be made from aluminium. The front end, with a central shock absorber, seems similar to BMW Motorrad’s duolever front end. The riding position is expected to be comfortable with high and wide handlebars and a hollowed-out saddle for the rider.


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