Anil Kapoor And Rishi Kapoor’s “First Photoshoot”



Eighties' Swag: Anil Kapoor And Rishi Kapoor's 'First Photoshoot'

A throwback of Anil and Rishi Kapoor (courtesy AnilKapoor )


  • Anil Kapoor shared throwback pics, featuring Rishi Kapoor
  • “It’s been 32 years,” he tweeted
  • The pics are from when their film ‘Vijay’ released in 1998

New Delhi:

On August 11, the day 1988 film Vijay released 32 years ago, Anil Kapoor was reminded of his co-star Rishi Kapoor, who died in April this year. Sharing two throwback photos from what appears to be a promotional photoshoot during the film’s release, Anil Kapoor revealed that was his “first photoshoot” with Rishi Kapoor: “First photoshoot with James for Vijay… it’s been 32 years.” For those who don’t know, Anil Kapoor used to address Rishi Kapoor as James – a nickname inspired by American actor James Dean, who was celebrated as a youth icon in 1950s’ Hollywood. Anil Kapoor’s photos, also featuring Rishi Kapoor, are all about eighties’ swag. Anil and Rishi Kapoor were part of an ensemble cast in the Yash Chopra-directed film Vijay, which also starred Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini, among others.

Take a look at Anil Kapoor’s tweet here. Isn’t he still the same?

On the day of Rishi Kapoor’s death on April 30, Anil Kapoor wrote shared the story of why he had picked the nickname James for his friend: “The reason I called Rishi Kapoor James was because according to me, if there was anyone who looked as good as James Dean, it was him. And he loved hearing that from me. He will always be James for me,” wrote Anil Kapoor, which he signed off as “Patton.”

Anil Kapoor also worked with Rishi Kapoor in films like 1993’s Gurudev and 2000 release Karobaar: The Business Of Love. Anil Kapoor’s daughter, actress Sonam Kapoor also worked with Rishi Kapoor in 2009’s Delhi 6 and 2014’s Bewakoofiyan. Sonam’s Bollywood debut was opposite Rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariyan.



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