8 Tools You Need To Maintain Your Indoor Home Garden

8 Tools You Need To Maintain Your Indoor Home Garden
8 Tools You Need To Maintain Your Indoor Home Garden

We’re all obsessed with having huge plants at home at every corner possible or tiny little succulents on our desk or side tables. It’s least to say we’re obsessed with plants in our home. Some of us take things two notches higher and create a beautiful breathing space in our balconies too to be one with nature. Frankly, an indoor garden makes for a great work from home space too. So, why not make the most of this time and get yourself some of these essential supplies for your dream indoor garden.

These 8 Indoor Garden Essentials Are All You Need For A Green Space

Get ready to revamp a boring corner or your empty balcony area.

1. HabereIndia – Eco Friendly planters/Fruit and Vegetable Basket Planters

Basket weave planters are super trendy right now and serve the purpose of being super eco-friendly also. You can add potted plants to these baskets and fill any empty spaces. It’s a win-win either way if you ask us.

2. Hashcart Pentagon Ball Shape Geometric Glass Terrarium

Terrariums look super chic on your dining table, coffee table or even your study table to add that extra element of style to your table top. Easily place succulents that last a lifetime.

3.Generic Antier 3 PCS Hanging Baskets Rattan Waven Flower Pot Plant Pot with Hanging Chain

Hanging baskets look lovely at the balcony with beautiful hanging plants from it like money plants to make your balcony all the more worthwhile to chill at.

4. TrustBasket Enriched Premium Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Mix

It is only fair to add a mix of potting soil here because no matter what you do with these decorative plants, the soil is what will keep it going whether it is your very own herb garden or even your succulents.

5. DEVU PARBAT ENTERPRISE Stone Glossy and Decorative Garden and Glass Pebbles

To make any garden area all the more vibrant, these glossy pebbles will do the trick by simply placing them and arranging them any way you like.

6. Green Gardenia Iron Plant Stand/Pot Stand

Whether it is inside your house or outside it, this pot stand can accommodate 6 plants and make for a lovely green space in your house.

7. ExclusiveLane ‘Moroccan Roots’ Handpainted Living Room Garden Decorative Flower Pots Cum Ceramic Planters (Set of 2)

To add a little more style to your already pretty and ever-growing collection of succulents in your house, these ceramic blue planters make for the perfect addition.

8. Meded Siti Plast Heavy Duty Plastic Planter Pots with Bottom Tray Color Terracotta

These planters are super light and multi-purpose and come with a tray so that it prevents your plants from getting over watered. Place them in the balcony or arrange them inside your house in perfect symmetry.


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