64,399 Covid Cases In India In Biggest 1-Day Spike, Total Over 21,50,000

64,399 Covid Cases In India In Biggest 1-Day Spike, Total Over 21,50,000


64,399 Covid Cases In India In Biggest 1-Day Spike, Total Over 21,50,000: 10 Points

India Coronavirus Cases: More than 43,000 Covid-linked deaths have been recorded so far.

New Delhi:
A record single-day jump of 64,399 new coronavirus patients has taken India’s Covid tally past the 21 lakh-mark, the Union Health Ministry said this morning, adding that over 14.8 lakh patients have recovered so far. A total of 43,379 Covid-linked deaths have been logged so far; 861 deaths have been registered since yesterday. With the latest surge, the country’s coronavirus count has reached 21,53,011 cases, which includes 6,28,747 active cases. India’s recovery rate stood at 68.78 per cent this morning, as compared to yesterday’s 68.32 per cent.

Here are top 10 developments on coronavirus cases in India:

  1. For the last five days, India – the third worst-hit country by the pandemic- has been recording a higher single-day surge in Covid infections than the United States and Brazil, which have a higher caseload. On Saturday, the US recorded 58,173 new cases taking its tally past five million. Brazil, meanwhile, recorded 49,970 new cases, which takes its Covid count past three million. The South American nation has logged 1,00,000 coronavirus deaths.

  2.  India has recorded a jump of 1 lakh Covid cases in just two days. This is the third consecutive day that India recorded more than 60,000 new COVID-19 patients in 24 hours, the government data shows. While over 61,000 new patients were recorded on Saturday, the country recorded 62,538 fresh infections on Friday as cases passed 20 lakh.

  3. It took about three weeks for India’s Covid tally to double – from 10 lakh cases on July 17 to 20 lakh on August 6. India crossed 20 lakh coronavirus cases in 190 days after Kerala reported the first patient on January 30. The country registered one lakh cases on May 19. In June, India passed the five lakh-mark. In July, the country had six lakh cases at the beginning of month, which had surged to 16 lakh by July 31.

  4. Maharashtra, the worst-affected state in the country by the outbreak, on Saturday passed the 5 lakh-mark. The state has 1,47,355 active cases, the highest in the country.

  5. In the last 24 hours, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh were the five states that logged the highest number of Covid patients.

  6. The top five states that reported the highest number of Covid-linked deaths since yesterday are: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and West Bengal.

  7. The positivity rate – an indicator to assess the prevalence of the disease- stood at 8.95 per cent this morning, an improvement over yesterday’s 10.28 per cent.

  8. About 2.41 crore samples have been tested so far, according to the government. Yesterday, 7.19 lakh samples were tested in different parts of the country. The country has a poulation of about 138 crore and a sample can be tested more than once.

  9. The ten states with biggest Covid caseload in India are: Maharashtra ( 5.03 lakh cases, Tamil Nadu (2.9 lakh cases), Andhra Pradesh (2.17 lakh cases), Karnataka (1.72 lakh cases, Delhi (1.44 lakh cases), Uttar Pradesh (1.18 lakh cases), West Bengal (92.65 thousand cases), Telangana (77,495) cases), Bihar (75,294 cases) and Gujarat (69,869 cases).

  10. Worldwide, over 1.96 coronavirus patients have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic; 7.26 lakh have died.



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