6 Food items you should never cook on a griller

6 Food items you should never cook on a griller
6 Food items you should never cook on a griller

Grilling makes food tasty and delicious. People like to arrange outdoor grilling parties. For some food, grilling is considered to be healthy like grilled chicken or fish.

But some foods are there that should not be grilled. For both safety and flavour, grilling should be avoided for them. So, check out the food which shouldn’t be grilled.

Foods that should not be grilled:


People often think that grilling bacon will make it crispy, but it’s not safe because the grease spatters are inflammable. So, keep them away from the grill flame. Rather, cook your bacon in the oven.


Burgers should be cooked in cast-iron pans because when you put them in a grill, the fats and meat juice drip away. So, put them in a pan.

Red and green lettuce

These types of lettuce have a lot of water in them that might get absorbed completely. So, it’s better to not grill them.


Fish can stick to the grill and get flaky. So, next time, when you grill your fish, then do it atop citrus slices.

Pork chops

Pork chops can dry out easily in the grill, so grilling is not a good option to cook them.

Peeled shrimp

Shrimp with its shell is ok to put on the grill, but shrimp without the shell will easily dry out in the grill. So, you should avoid cooking them in the grill.


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