5 Eco-friendly ideas for a Sustainable Home

5 Eco-friendly ideas for a Sustainable Home
5 Eco-friendly ideas for a Sustainable Home

With the constantly fluctuating atmosphere around us, it is important to be environmentally active. It is important to consider how much money and energy we can save by building a green home. Here are the five ideas to build eco-friendly and sustainable home.

From refurbishing your furniture to bringing a whole lot of environment-friendly changes to your interior, building a sustainable home isn’t hard. Focus on sustainability and green décor while doing the whole redecorating process to bring that go-green effect beautifully.

With just a little imagination, playfulness and eco-friendly décor ideas, you can make a green material paradise at home without digging a hole in your pocket. Here are the five ideas to build an eco-friendly, sustainable home.

Go for Non-Toxic Paint

Always opt for eco-friendly paints when giving your walls or furniture a makeover as these paints are free from Volatile Organic Compounds, which are dangerous to both the environment and us. These non-toxic paints are made from natural raw ingredients such as water, plant oils, plant dyes, natural minerals and essential oils.

Create an Energy-Efficient Home

ever be a drain on mother Earth’s energy sources. Replace the appliances with the models labelled as Energy Star as they are 50 percent more energy efficient. Switch from incandescent light bulbs to LED to cut utility bills. Install motion sensors that turn on lights/sounds and heating systems as and when needed.

Get Indoor Plants

House plants are the eco-friendliest decoration that adds a healthy and fresh accent to your house. The well-cared plants are essential for our lives as they infuse a breath of fresh air and oxygen into your interiors and your lungs. They aren’t just healthy and purifying, but also enhance the appeal of the space. 

Go Natural

Whenever getting the fabrics of your home refurbished, opt for renewable or recycled fibres which are coloured with natural dye instead of toxic synthetic materials like organic cotton, linen, wool and bamboo. From basic decoration items to rugs, go for recycled supplies for all the furniture.

Go Smaller

Opt for a smaller home with energy-efficient and eco-friendly construction methods for a smaller impact on the environment. With creative designs and impressive techniques, you can explore a wide range of ways to make your home look more appealing as they are more efficient, affordable and have low maintenance costs.


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